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Focused on young adults aged 18-24.

Fluid Thinking is a removed space.  A safe space. 

It is here to help creatives and create a point of reference. 

Fluid Thinking is interested in holding space in a way that breaks the convention. It is taking things into our own hands. 

Fluid Thinking intends to help you slow down and reorientate yourself. To learn what you like and what is important to you. 

To unhook yourself from what you have been swept up into.

It is outside of social media, there are no numbered likes or followers. there are no oh my friend is interested in this I should be. I want it to be a calm space where you can figure that out for yourself.

This space is safe. 

This space is yours.

I would like to encourage slow engagement.   

Sober engagement, gentle engagement. 

I want you to consider your friends. I want you to consider your community. I want you to consider accessibility.

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